Urology Treatment

Urology treatment is done for the disease related to urinary tract system & male reproductive system . Urinary tract disease of both male and female are treated under urology treatment or surgery . Disease like Urology Cancers , Urinary Incontinence , Urinary Stone Disease , Male Sexual Dysfunction , Male Infertility and Prostate Disease are treated with Urology Treatment . Diseases in body organs like Urinary Bladder , Urethra , kidneys , Ureters , Adrenal Glands & Reproductive Organs of male like Testes , Prostate , Seminal Vesicles , Epididymis and Penis are treated under Urinary Treatment .

Types of Urology

Bladder Augmentation

Bladder Augmentation is done to increase the bladder volume and to reduce the contraction of bladder . In the procedure of Bladder Augmentation , strips of tissue is removed from the tract and add to the tissue of the bladder . For blender augmentation surgical procedure is done on the urinary bladder there are also some risk attached to bladder augmentation including acute intestinal obstruction & incomplete voiding of the bladder after surgery .

Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure in which kidney is transplanted from one person to another . It could be done through either by deceased donor or a live donor but in both of the cases kidney must be live . The concept of organ donation is increasing in the world and people are coming forward to donate their organs after their death . A person could live with one kidney as well , so whenever kidney is required a family member could become donor for kidney organ . Kidney donor could be related or unrelated to the patient / recipient of kidney but both kidney & recipient must relate biologically . Biological relationship must exist between kidney & the recipient of it .


Cystectomy is the surgical process to remove a portion or complete urinary bladder & most of the time , the reason is bladder cancer . Cystectomy has two main types – one is Partial Cystectomy in which only a part / portion of urinary bladder is removed . Second type of Cystectomy is Radical Cystectomy in which entire bladder is removed along with the nearby part which is having cancer (in most of the cases) . Once the stage and type of cancer is determined , further treatment and follow up is done accordingly .


Lithotomy is the surgical process to remove stones from any organ of the body like kidney stone , bladder stone or gallbladder stone . When the stone doesn’t removed naturally from the way of urinary system , in such cases , Lithotomy is required . This surgery is done through surgical incision and the stores are taken out from the body .

Cost Comparison Worldwide

The Cost of urology treatment differs with its types and procedures . For a kidney transplant , the lowest price in the world is available in India which is $13,500 to $17,000 . In Turkey , you’ve to pay for a kidney transplant between $25,000 to $28,000 , whereas in Germany it is $89,500 to $1,05,900 . Above all , you’ve to pay $1,00,000 to $1,20,000 in Israel for a kidney transplant .