Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery aims to reconstruct any body part with the help of a surgical procedure . It also includes improving the appearance of any body part . Plastic surgery could be the need of anyone from a small child to an old man . Sometimes , a child needs plastic surgery just after birth & when a person get an accident . Even in old age , many require reconstruction of body parts , so they go for plastic surgery .

Plastic surgery is divided into two categories – first is reconstructive surgery and second is cosmetic surgery . In reconstructive surgery , a body part is reconstructed to it’s original shape . Reconstructive surgery includes craniofacial surgery , microsurgery , hand surgery & burns treatment . In cosmetic surgery , the appearance of the body part is improved .

Popularity of Plastic Surgery

There are few reasons that why plastic surgery is getting so much popularity these days . There were times when even Hollywood Celebrities hardly spoke something about plastic surgery , they used to feel fear for some reasons but today the scenario has changed many celebrities have gone through plastic surgery around the globe and they feel proud when it comes to speaking on it . When we speak celebrities & plastic surgery , it doesn’t mean that plastic surgery only belongs to high class people or celebrities , thanks to innovative technologies coming in the surgery for plastic and cosmetic has become affordable .

Apart from this , it has become less time consuming comparing of earlier time . The plastic surgery could happen within a time frame of one hour or we could say within lunchtime . A person could have plastic surgery and go back to his work . It has become so easy and time-saving process due to new technologies coming in . After all , plastic surgery is directly related with the physical appeal of a person . When you look good , you look confident .

This is another reason for the popularity of plastic surgery . When a person dislike any part of his body , it could be large ears or cut mark on the face or any point which brings him discomfort and makes down his self esteem , here , he thinks about plastic surgery . Which is proved to be safe in many years . In present time , reach to plastic surgery is quite easy as well .

Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is possible for most of our body parts . It could start from our head to our feet . Below are the main types of plastic surgery .


Breast augmentation
Breast Reconstruction
Breast reduction in men with gynecomastia
Breast lift

Hair & Face

Laser Hair Removal
Eyelid lift
Ear Pinning
Permanent Makeup
Brow lift
Forehead lift
Ear reshaping
Lip Augmentation
Nose Reshape
Hair Replacement Surgery
Nasal Surgery
Facial Implants


Botox/filler injections (restylane, radiesse)
Glycolic peels
Vein Removal
Laser peels
Chemical Peel
Tattoo removal
Scar Revision

Mouth and teeth

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Tummy Tuck

Hand and upper limb

Chase Hand & Upper Limb Center

Procedures in Plastic Surgery includes –

Endoscopic Surgery

It is done with the help of an endoscope . A small camera & bright light is inserted into a small incision . Camera gives the pictures on the screen which surgeon watch . Endoscopic surgery is quite helpful for a surgeon .

Skin Graft

In skin graft surgery , skin from a healthy place of the same body is removed and apply to the damaged part of the body to restore normal appearance in that area . That part from where the skin is removed called Donor site .

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery includes transporting live & healthy tissues from one part of the body to another part (dead skin part) of the body .

Laser Surgery

No incision is required in laser surgeries . Laser is the latest technology in the medical field . It detects the inside problem spot without any incision in body . Laser surgery helps to minimise bleeding & brushing .

Price comparison for Plastic Surgery

In case of plastic surgery , price varies between types of Plastic Surgery . India and Singapore are among the countries having lowest price for plastic surgery . Speaking of facelift , It cost $3,500 in India where as $11,000 in US & Magnificently low at $440 in Singapore where as in Israel it costs $6,800 . Talking of liposuction , it costs $2,800 in India in $2,900 in Singapore where as it costs $5,500 in US and $3,500 in Vietnam & Mexico . The surgery for Tummy Tuck costs $3,500 in India and Colombia , where as it costs $8,000 in US & $10,900 in Israel .

Best plastic surgery treatment in India