Neuro Surgery Treatment

Neuro surgery is mostly known as the treatment of brain parts but neurosurgery includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to Brain , Spinal Column , Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves of all parts of our body . Neuro surgery is done for back and neck pain as well . When any disorder starts affecting the nervous system (not only brain but spinal cord and peripheral nerves) neurosurgery helps for prevention and rehabilitation of such disorders . This surgery could be done on adults and childrens as well . Before doing the neurosurgery , a neurosurgeon examines the disorder and try to find out the nature of the disease , then start the surgical procedures .

Types of Neurosurgery

Brain Tumour

When any cell starts growing abnormally in the brain , it takes form of a tumour . To remove that tumour , brain tumour surgery is required. Brain tumour surgery comes under extremely critical surgery . Such abnormal cells could develop in any age . There are many examples when a child birth with a tumour in his brain . A tumour which developed in an adult is different from a tumour in a child brain. Surgical procedures may be different in both cases . While treating the brain tumour , a surgeon tries to remove the tumour out of the body .

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is another type of neurosurgery . In spine surgery , treatment is done either to repair the injury or to correct the abnormality or bones . Spine surgery is done to give stability to spine . Sometimes , spinal column shows inability to maintain its natural form . Under such circumstances , spine surgery is necessary . Spine surgery is also done to reduce the pressure from the nerves . Spine surgery helps to realign the bent spine .


Craniotomy is another critical surgery in which a bone flap is temporarily removed to reach to the brain . Craniotomy is done on the patients , who are suffering from critical brain injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI) . This type of surgery is done to access to the brain tissues which must be removed from brain . Once the surgeon get access to such tissues through craniectomy , it becomes easy to remove them after identifying them . This procedure is done after general anaesthesia on the patient but it could be also possible in the awake position of a patient .

Other types of Neurosurgery includes Ventricular Shunt , Endovascular Neurosurgery & Pediatric Neurosurgery .

Price Comparison of Neurosurgery

As far as Neurosurgery is concerned , India is the favourable country having one of the lowest price in the world . The price for neurosurgery differs with its types . For instance , let we take Spinal Fusion Surgery , which costs around $10,300 in India whereas $1,10,000 in US & $33,500 in Israel . Further more , it costs $15,700 in Costa Rica and $14,500 in Colombia . Under lowest price it cost around $9,500 in Thailand and near to $6,000 in Vietnam , Malaysia & Poland , where as it costs $12,800 in Singapore .

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