Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is done when there is blockage in heart , when the blood circulation is not normal to heart . In such a case , a bypass heart surgery is done in which a healthy artery or vein is grafted to a blocked artery . After which that grafted artery bypass the blocked artery and give fresh blood to the heart . It is called Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting . Earlier , mostly traditional heart surgery used to done in which they were having procedures of cutting the chest & perform surgery on arteries & muscles of heart . But today , new ways of doing it have come in . There are heart surgery treatments available in which only small incision is required .

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

CABG could be required for people suffering from Coronary Heart Disease . In such types of diseases the blood vessels become hard & narrow . Blood vessels play an important role in the working of heart . It gives the blood and oxygen circulation to the heart if blood vessels become non functional , it would directly affect the heart . When blood doesn’t smoothly flow to the heart , it could bring many heart disease including heart attack . Therefore , Coronary Artery Bypass Graft is done . CABG is also done to repair heart valves , which helps smooth blood circulation to heart . Other types of heart surgery includes Aortic Surgery , Surgical Ventricular Restoration , Arrhythmia Surgery , Myotomy , Heart Transplant & others .

Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is to think when the heart of the patient stops working even after medication and electrical shocks from the surgeon . It is quite a critical process which is more dependent on luck and time . Therefore , the role of surgeons and the hospital is more in the process . Heart transplant is only possible when a live and healthy heart is available nearby . Any person who die and whose heart is healthy could be donated to a failed heart patient within few hours of the death of the donor . We see few examples in the world , when the heart is transplanted from thousands of kilometres with the help of Air Ambulance , Local Police & Authorities . When the live heart is available to the patient , the Heart Transplant Surgery is performed .

How to Prevent Heart Diseases

According to WHO , deaths of 17.9 million people are recorded every year worldwide . Which is 31% of all global deaths . The primary cause behind heart diseases are Excess use of Alcohol , Smoking , Tobacco , No Physical Activity are common . Apart from this , there are many small things which we could take care of , in order to be safe from heart disease . The most common thing to prevent ourselves from heart disease is the maximum use of fruits and vegetables in our diet .

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of calcium , protein and carbohydrates , which maintain the need of the body and make your heart strong and healthy . In particular , there are few fruits which are extremely good for heart . Dry Fruits are another source to make the heart strong and healthy . Another simple trick for heart disease is less use of sodium . More sodium increases your blood pressure which results in the heart disease specially heart attack .

Apart from this , whole grains are always preferred to reduce heart problems . Whether you take it in the form of Flour or Bread , Pasta , Rice or Cereal , it must be whole grained . You must take care of fat in your food , try to take in the fat as minimum as possible . You must try to avoid the trans fat which is going to reduce the cholesterol in your body . The high blood cholesterol could lead to several heart diseases like heart-attack & stroke . All along you must make a habit to choose low-fat protein sources in your food . You could find the low fat protein in some dairy products and eggs . Apart from this lean ground meat , Fish specially Coldwater Fish like Salmon , Soybeans & Tofu having low-fat protein , which is going to protect your heart & make it strong and healthy .

Price Comparison

Speaking of Heart Bypass Surgery , India is the most favourable country in the world , having lowest price in the world . It cost only $7900 in India for a heart bypass treatment where as it costs $1,23,000 in US which is the highest price in the world for a heart bypass surgery . Talking about other countries it costs around $27,000 in Mexico and Costa Rica , where as $26,000 in South Korea and $28,000 in Israel. In another lowest price countries it costs $12,100 in Malaysia whereas $13,900 in Turkey and $14,000 in Poland and $14400 in Jordan .

For a heart valve replacement , it costs around $9500 in India , whereas $1,70,000 in the US , the highest in the world .

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