Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a dangerous disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably & destroy body tissues . The body starts becoming weak day by day . The immune system also become weak as the cancer cells spread in the body . Sometimes , cancer develops slowly and detect after many years . Some cancer develops very fast & reflect it’s reaction fast on the body . There couldn’t be the same treatment for all types of cancer . There maybe minor difference in cancer treatments , it totally depends on the condition of the patient , the stage of the cancer , cell type , location of the tumour and other medical factors , which a surgeon detects and decide for the treatment . When cancer treatment starts , it could bring few side effects on the human body which are hair fall , nausea , less blood count & fatigue .

Types of Cancer Treatment

There are several types of cancer treatment and it’s not necessary that cancer patient would need only one type of treatment or multiple treatments it totally depends on the condition and other factors of the cancer that which treatment is going to cure it . Sometimes , multiple treatments are required for a single cancer patient . We advice patient to not worry when the treatment is going on . If any question coming in mind , the patient must consult it with doctor . Popular types of cancer treatments given below –


Chemotherapy slows down or stop the growth of cancer cells . Chemotherapy is given in the form of drug It could be given in the form of pills , capsules , through injection or directly into the vein . The drawback of chemotherapy is that it slows down or stop the growth of required cells of human body . Due to which some side-effects often happens like hair fall & nausea . Once chemotherapy process is done , these cells restart growing . Many people go to work during chemotherapy . It is mostly depends on the nature of job and type of cancer .

Radiation Therapy

In this sort of therapy high dose of radiation is used to kill cancer cells , so that they don’t divide further & die in sometime . When the radiation therapy is given to the patient , the cancer cells doesn’t die on the spot , it could take weeks or a month to die them . Radiations are used to damage the DNA of cancer cells , once these cancer cells are die , they removed from the body . Radiation therapy could be used along with other cancer therapies like chemotherapy & immunotherapy . Radiation therapy further divided into two types -External Beam Radiation Therapy & Internal Radiation Therapy .


Surgery includes procedure in which the cancer is removed from the body it is done by cutting the body with sharp tools after surgery a text from some time to recover from Spain but this is not the only way to perform surgery for cancer patient with time there is extreme advancement in technology bring in where no need to set them on the body . Surgery could be possible with the use of lasers as well . In laser surgery , the powerful light beams are used to cut through tissue . Lasers could focus on tiny areas accurately . Cancer surgeries could also done through Hyperthermia , Photodynamic Therapy & Cryosurgery .


Immuno therapy is used to help your immune system to fight cancer . Immuno therapy also includes boosting of the immune system to fight cancer . Immuno therapy marks the cancer cells which makes is it easy for review system to find and destroy . Immunotherapy could be given in the form of pills or capsules or directly into the vein on in bladder . Few side-effects of immunotherapy could happen like pain , redness , swelling & rash . Immunotherapies further divided into few types .

Cancer Types

It is hard to say exact numbers of cancer types . Cancer could develop in any part of the body . Still , few most common cancer types are –

Kidney Cancer
Breast Cancer
Lung Cancer
Brain Tumour
Colon Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Thyroid Cancer
Bone Cancer
Oral Cancer
Basal Cell Cancer

Price differences in the world

There aren’t specific prices for cancer treatment . It depends on the procedures and the type of cancer . If it is a breast cancer the price would be different , if it is neck cancer , the price would be different . But , overall cancer treatment is the lowest in cost in India . Whereas , the treatment is same as it is done in any part of the world . World’s top oncologists say that India’s treatment is somewhere better than the world when it comes to cancer . India has all the latest technology to cure cancer . To give an idea of the difference between prices , chemotherapy which cost around $70,000 in the US , costs only $2500 in India .

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