Bariatric Surgery

According to WHO , Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975 . In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults , 18 years and older , were overweight , of these over 650 million were obese . Over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 were overweight or obese in 2016 . There are people who go for workout every day & also on diet plan but still there obesity doesn’t go away . One factor which plays in important role in obesity that is genetic (of genes) . Here comes Bariatric Surgery .

Bariatric Surgery is a treatment for weight loss . It’s a sort of weight loss surgery which is having variety of procedures which include gastric bypass , Sleeve Gastrectomy , adjustable gastric band , and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch . These procedures include restricting the food which a stomach could hold or reducing the size of the stomach through removing a stomach portion . This surgery often cause hormonal change .

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery –

Bariatric Surgery not only help you to look and feel good but also ensure your healthy life. It improves your overall Physical attire related to obesity . This surgery is the best option when you have tried very hard and working out to get rid of obesity but failed to reduce your fat . This surgery is going to work for Long time & going to give best results . It will enhance your energy level which will boost you to work more and more without fatigue . It’s also a fact that obese people generally get stress and depression by thinking negative of it .

When there is no obese , you start feeling good and a sense of self dependency & self respect and when you are positive with your thoughts and feelings it is going to bring positivity in your life in the form of success & goodwill . Another beautiful thing of this treatment is that you don’t need to feel that you need to eat less , no , your stomach will get full even after eating less . So , there won’t be any sacrifice on food . Bariatric surgery gives many health benefits as well . It helps in certain heart diseases & keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol level normal .

Problems of Obesity –

Some types of cancer like breast cancer , ovaries and Pancreas cancer also happen due to obesity . Apart from it , Gallbladder diseases are also result of obesity .

Overweight is considered as the main cause behind high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels . In such a situation there are more chances of heart attack and other heart problems .

Osteoarthritis & Gout problems are most common in obese people . Such kind of problems are related to knee , hip and lower back & body joints .

Obesity gives birth to Diabetes Type 2 as well . Most of those who are suffering from this type of diabetes are overweighted .

Why to choose India for Bariatric Surgery –

People go for bariatric surgery when they see no improvement after intense workout and control on food . Only those who have few kilograms of overweight get the benefit out of work out and diet . It is suggested that people having body mass index above 35 should go for bariatric surgery . But speaking of US and European countries the cost for the surgery is very high comparing of India . Apart from this , in countries like UK , USA & other European countries , a patient have to wait from six months to two years for the treatment .

India has sharp edge in such factors specially when it comes to the cost of the surgery . The cost of bariatric surgery is only 20 to 25% of what it is in US . The average cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy is around $25,000 in US in comparison of $6000 in India . The hospitalization period for the surgery is typically between 2 to 4 days in India . Whereas it takes only two weeks to overall stay in India . which makes it comfortable for the foreign patients . Patient from all over the world , especially from Dubai , Australia and from many African Countries frequently visit India for bariatric surgery .

Bariatric surgery treatment in India